McCullough Training and Breeding Center


*Artificial Insemination (per cycle) $60.00

*Live Cover $5.00 per day Dry /$8.00 Per day wet

*Mare care (box stall, private turnout)pro rated per week or $250.00 per month.(Dry)

Some Breed Registries require a veterinarian to be present at the time of semen collection or insemination of the mare in order to allow registration of the resulting foal. The same is required of semen collected for export, which will also require certain export permits. If these are a requirement, let us know. We will arrange scheduling, and the Veterinarian's and Government fees will be charged out at cost. Please call us to discuss these special requirements further.

Foaling Out Services

For those mare owners looking for help, we offer a service whereby experienced staff are on-site 24 hours a day to attend and, if necessary, assist in the foaling process.

Here is what we offer:

  • 10' X 20' foaling stalls @ 350.00 per month

        24-hour foal watch and assisted foaling.

  • On-call Veterinarian only minutes away if required

Foaling fee is $450 which includes 24 hour monitoring, a full Veterinarian exam of the foal within the first 12 hours including an IGG test.  This fee does  include board on mare.