McCullough Training and Breeding Center

We offer the following services for horse and rider. 


Training Horses

  • Showing $45.00 per day
  • Lessons $25.00 per hour  Semi Private $40.00 Private
  • Riding and Show horses $15.00 per ride
  • Race horses $8.00 per Gallop



Training For The Young Horse


 We believe the young horse needs to keep his mind busy and stay productive early in life to become a successful competition horse that will adapt easily to different environments and situations. Starting from weanlings, each young horse goes through periodic schooling sessions, learns how to lead, load on the trailer, stand for the farrier, etc. so that when the time comes for them to be started under saddle the transition is not difficult.

The following is our young horse program.

Weanlings and Yearlings– are trained to wear a halter, lead with a handler, stand for the farrier and have hooves trimmed, load in a trailer, washed and trimmed. They are handled on a regular basis and introduced to things that normally would spook a youngster. $150.00 per month.(Feed NOT INCLUDED)

2 Year Olds - We introduce and make sure through regular handling that they will let the farrier work on them, load in a trailer, wash and trim. We introduce the bridle and saddle and start ground driving and some lunging. . $200.00 per month(Feed INCLUDED)

3 Year Olds- If the horse has not had the previous then we will do the same training plus training lunge line voice commands, training under saddle at a walk, trot, canter and starting ground poles and plenty of trail riding. $450.00(Feed INCLUDED)






Training Horses

Up coming 2 yr old Tb filly Pogo

5 yr old pony Petunia

3 yr old Warmblood pony Stiletto